New Ford Focus ST and the Technology Features

The all-new Ford Focus ST is again seen as a compact performance hatchback that has exploded in popularity. Take a closer look at a few of the technology features.

Once you get the Ford Focus ST out on the road, the LED Signature Lighting is working all the time to help keep you safe. 

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What Features Are You Looking for In a Compact SUV?

There are many aspects of a vehicle to look at when trying to determine what is best for you. These can be features that focus on performance, utility or even style. The 2018 Ford EcoSport is a popular compact SUV that comes with style features that just may catch your eye.

When you examine it closely, you will discover that the 2018 Ford EcoSport has a lot going for it in terms of features. 

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Take a Look Inside the New 2018 Ford C-Max

The 2018 C-Max is a class leader in the compact hybrid class for several reasons, and one of them is its excellent interior design.

One useful new feature is the addition of small personal storage areas under the floor panels of the second row. They can hold laptops, phones, chargers, wallets, cameras, and a variety of other devices. The covers blend seamlessly into the floor.
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Payload vs. Towing Capacity

It is an undeniable fact that trucks and SUVs are the most popular vehicle segment in the US. While drivers have various reasons for choosing them, selection often comes down to consideration of a handful of specifications.

An often misunderstood or ignored specification is payload. Payload refers to the maximum amount of weight a vehicle can hold or support on its frame. For most vehicles, the payload is more than one would want to bother lifting into the vehicle to begin with, but it can be a critical figure for pickups and SUVs that may be loaded more heavily. 

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Are You Ready for Off-Roading?

Our staff at Buckeye Ford is excited and ready to answer your questions about your vehicle and how to be prepared for the unexpected when you hit the trails. Feeling comfortable with your vehicle and being safe are the first steps in off-roading preparedness.

If you have modifications or a lift kit on your SUV or Truck, getting it checked out before you start the season and if you have any questions or concerns will help you feel confident on and off the road. 

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Checking Out the Ford F-150 Performance Features

The 2018 Ford F-150 is a thing of beauty just from its design alone. However, the performance features are what really make this car a top choice for drivers who want a reliable and useful truck for work and play. This truck is ready to take you anywhere you want to go with either a 3.0L Power Stroke turbo diesel engine or the 5.0L TI-VCT V8 engine. With six engine options in total, there is a Ford F-150 power package for any job you need to get done. You can also drive in adverse conditions with the available…

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Should You Choose the New Ford Edge?

The Ford Edge is all new in 2018. A fresh design, new capabilities, and lots of performance place it as one of the top vehicles for Ford this year. The midsize SUV has been been given high marks in safety, reliability, performance, and interior comfort. If you are looking for FWD or AWD, you can get both with different packages and trims, as well.

The performance of the Ford Edge is probably the best that it's ever been. At the base engine, you get a 245-horsepower four-cylinder that you can upgrade all the way up to 315-horsepower with the…

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New Ford Escape: Capable and Ready for Adventure

Have you seen the latest from the Ford SUV lineup? The Ford Escape is one of the top vehicles from the beloved American automaker. It is ranked number two in its class for compact SUVs by US News & World Report. People love this vehicle for its size inside, technology, and high fuel performance. There's a reason why so many drivers have picked the Escape as their top choice for SUVs in 2018.

The performance is outstanding for this type of vehicle. For an SUV, the Escape gets great fuel economy and gas mileage. In addition, the technology package is…

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Ford EcoSport Capability Features You'll Love

There are a lot of things to love about the new Ford EcoSport. For one, it's been re-designed and upgraded, while still achieving the same great fuel economy as before. The EcoSport comes with a turbocharged engine at the base, but you can upgrade to get even more horsepower and tech with one of the premium trims. There are a lot of features included with the standard as well, such as SYNC 3 infotainment system, center console screen, rearview cameras, and power adjustable seating in the front. 

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The Power of the 2018 Ford Taurus

The 2018 Ford Taurus is a popular full-sized sedan that can provide you with the power to go anywhere. You have the option to choose between two different robust engines that are designed with improved performance and efficiency in mind.

The Taurus comes standard with a 3.5-Liter V6 engine. It can provide you with 288 horsepower and an EPA-estimated combined rating of 27 MPG. It has twin independent variable camshaft timing controls that can enhance your driving experience. 

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